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  • The Great Leap-Fraud
  • Volume II
  • Islam and Secularization 

Bibliography for The Great Leap-Fraud, Volume II

Islam and Secularization

The bibliography is divided into primary sources, significant church councils, and secondary sources.
Within these sections, the references are ordered according to the timeline.
These are the sources that were utilized in The Great Leap-Fraud. There are hundreds more which had been studied without finding a place in the actual manuscript.
Flavius Josephus, The Antiquities of the Jews, ca. 90 AD, translated by William Whiston.
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Poem of Hareth, translated by W. A. Clouston, 1881.
The Poem of Tarafa, translated by W.A. Clouston, 1881.
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Corpus Juris Civilis, 534 AD.
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Gregory the Great, Dialogues, ca. 600 AD.
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Homily on the Child Saints of Babylon, ca. 640 AD.
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Chronicler of Khuzistan, ca. 665 AD.
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Tabari (838–923 AD).
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