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Oslo Terror Knights: Political Agenda

A.J. Deus, July 29, 2011
My last three articles about the Oslo Terror Knights focused on their grand goals under Breivik, their intellectual framework of religion, and their tactical manual. Today, the political agenda of the Terror Knights is being examined more closely.
It is quite pretentious that an entirely unknown terror organization, which seems to have been plotting its first moves for a decade, sees itself as the leader of a conservative European independence movement. The Terror Knights did not attempt to utilize the political arena in order to be heard. Instead, the path of martyrdom and violence seems to be the preferable avenue. These are not fallen politicians that feel misunderstood and unheard. They are ordinary Christians that were not connected to the political establishment. Somehow, they must know that their agendas cannot fall on fertile grounds and that their path to power could only be through terrorism. The future will tell whether anybody will vote for their cause. By the standards of history, Hitler was democratically elected despite his well-known stance against the Jews in Germany. He had composed theanti-Semitic book Mein Kampf long before being heaved to power. Why the Terror Knights chose violence and hatred as their primary mode of operations over manipulating the democratic process remains elusive in the Terror Knight’s compendium 2083 – A Declaration of European Independence. Hatred and disenchantment seems a more promising avenue for outsiders to reach for power. How any of the Terror Knights might position themselves after the death of over 70 people, mostly youth from the political island camp, is a mystery. It seems quite certain that Breivik’s ultra-short political career is all but over and restricted to life in a cell.
The disenchantment card is played strongly in the Terror Knight’s 1500 page manual. Interestingly and as hard as it is to admit, the Terror Knights have a point when it comes to the divisive issue of European immigration, whether the newcomers arrived from crisis areas or from Muslim domains. Some European countries, Austria and Switzerland for example, have sizable right leaning political parties that play the same fiddle (less the bombs and bullets). Embedded in a political process, these are valid concerns, although difficult to address.
Personally, I believe in freedom for any and all humans, a concept that should be easily understood by North Americans. It is not a shared consensus, though, what that freedom should entail when it comes to immigration. Christian Americans?immigrants by definition?should respond to new arrivals with open arms. However, they respond with fences against Catholic Mexicans and many display hatred against Muslim immigrants. It seems a misguided concept that violates basic human rights?not only by the Terror Knights?that the sheer presence of a majority entitles the locking out of newcomers with good intentions. The example of Canada shows that culture and immigration can be in a positive flux. However, this is no guarantee for this country to remaining free of terrorism. Canada has plenty of problems with drug gangs, and religious blocks may rattle their sectarian sables at any time.
Afghanistan is an example for deeply rooted religious gender segregation. The Terror Knights want to reintroduce Taliban style gender separation on all levels, private, government, schools, even colleges and universities. The Paulinic letters of the New Testament carry a message of collectivism and mirror Paul’s mission to rid the world of sexual immortality. The Terror Knights return to these ideas in favor of religious traditions. In order to appease liberal people, they would create “liberal zone" areas in the image of Las Vegas where a lifestyle of sex and sin without ethical norms would be tolerated. These sin cities would be isolated from the rest of society, which would live under a new mentality of anti-promiscuity. The Terror Knights go as far as invading the sphere of romantic love, condemning it as an illusion. In a roundabout return to Catholic chastity, the Terror Knights declare:
“Love is not about finding the right person, but creating a right relationship. It's not about how much love you have in the beginning but how much love you build till the end! As for marriages, a man has to realize that marriage is not an institution for unlimited sex, but an institution for raising children."
The idea behind sex for procreation is particularly strong in the book of Romans in the New Testament, but even in the book of Matthew, the innocent flirt and a lustful gaze is enough for adultery. While the Paulinic letters in the New Testament condemn sexual immorality, they also brought forth an interpretation that is quite puzzling. “It is good for a man not to touch a woman" (Corinthians 7:1). The social rejection went deep into the heart of family life, and because immorality was rampant at Paul’s time, he came up with the concept of sexual marital duties as a concession to man’s weakness, not as a command. The Terror Knights revive it. Paul insisted that the true believers should not marry in the first place (Corinthians 7:28-34). Just as God and money cannot be served, God and a wife cannot be served, not to mention multiple wives or even a thousand female partners as in the role model of the Biblical master in promiscuity, King Salomon.
The Terror Knights’ concept of purposeful procreation serves to ramp up the demographics in order to fill up what they call “population guideline capacity" with Nordic-Germanics, a white supremacist concept of limiting global population to roughly 2.5 billion people while maximizing Nordic-Germanics. Civil war and crusade, induced by the Terror Knights, serves the purpose of depopulating the planet by over 60 % and shifting the demographic balance. In a shocking display of hatred of humanity, the Terror Knights refuse humanitarian aid on the notion that a country is over-populated: “If starvation threatens the countries who have failed to follow our guidelines we should not support them by backing their corrupt leaders or send any form of aid." The point is that by the standard of 2.5 billion people, every country is overpopulated. Hence, the policy is to let anyone starve who should end up in a humanitarian disaster?except for the supreme race, the Nordic-Germanics. They seem to miss the fundamental mechanism of nature’s interventionist powers when the global population exceeds the standard capacity of sea, soil and technology.
Servant classes should come from cheap foreign labor that are allowed into Europe on a one year “focus contract." Upon expiry, the foreigner has to return home. The Terror Knights’ idea is that immigrants used to come to Europe as cheap laborers. However, their offspring would aim higher and be unwilling to continue their parents’ lowly labor, hence prompting even more immigration. The Terror Knights overlook in their political agenda that they would not have to worry about foreign labor. By depopulating the planet, they would trigger a real estate collapse and an unprecedented economic shakedown. The world would fall into a deep intellectual and economic depression for about a century.
How do the Terror Knights relate to North America? There is nothing original in the 1500 page compendium. It is a religious extremist work that rests on ideas from the Bible, doctrines of the Catholic Church, some wickedness in the style of the Bilderberg world order, and mixed with some right-wing gibberish that seems to be influenced by right-wing bloggers out of the United States, for example Robert Spencer and his jihadwatch.org. Instead of applying critical thinking of their own to bring forth a new vision for Europe, they recycle old Christian ideals that are proven to have brought forth (religious) unhappiness and poverty. In order to understand the world’s conflicts, I teach my children to ask one critical question: which religious sect is represented on each side? In many cases, the answer is straight forward.
Would such acts of hatred against mankind be possible on American soil, committed by American citizens? There are thousands, if not tens of thousands of extremist right-wing, supremacists, religious fanatics, racists, etc. living among ordinary people in North America. Many of them are armed and dangerous, training for armed revolts to bring back conservative Christianity into the mainstream. Hordes have no intelligent thought and could potentially be manipulated into hatred and violence, like religious sheep. Hence, it can be expected that 2083 – A European Declaration of Independence could serve as a model and an instructional manual for a new breed of violent cells. Then there are the disenchanted, in the tens of millions, those that had placed their last hope on the promise of Change by Barak Obama, the millions of unemployed, and the tens of millions of those that live an American nightmare rather than the dream, working three jobs, unable to make ends meet. In other words, it is a miracle that homegrown terrorism and (violent) mass protests are uncommon in the United States. It almost seems that America has become a complacent entitlement society that cares more about the daily dose of sitcoms and infotainment rather than about the consequences of the Terror Knights. These are societal ingredients as dangerous as religious extremism and terrorism. Disenchantment, complacency, and ignorance enable homegrown (religious) extremism and terrorism.
Faith is much stronger than political dogmas. Given that the Terror Knights are a religious schoolbook terrorist organization, Oslo is unfortunately not going to be the last place they will be heard from.
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A.J. Deus
Author of The Great Leap-Fraud
Social Economics of Religious Terrorism (2011)
July 28, 2011

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