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Oslo Terror Knights: Intellectual Framework

A.J. Deus, July 27, 2011
Yesterday, we looked at the grand goals of the Oslo Terror Knights. Today, their intellectual framework is examined more closely. The terrorist Breivik has not attacked Oslo as an act of insanity or as a lone right-wing extremist. He rather acted out of a deep religious conviction, a delusion of faith that led him to believe that he, as a Knight Templar, needed to rescue the Christian West from a Muslim jihad.
The Terror Knights recognized that the conservative values of the Catholic Church serve a right-wing cause much better than the more fragmented Protestant churches?this is all the more notable as Breivik is Protestant Christian. The Terror Knights think that the Protestant Church cannot survive in the current European society as it loses out by placing freedom of choice over duty and commitment to religion. “Devotees of the Church demand moral purity, self-discipline and restraint. Real religion requires self-discipline." They view the Catholic Church as “the rock of tradition," which sets it apart from the Protestant faith. According to the Terror Knights and following Catholic doctrine, “only Rome can lay claim to apostolic succession dating back to Peter, the rock." This, of course, requires the uncritical acceptance of Catholic Church history. Opposing the Protestant notion of guidance through Scripture alone, the Terror Knights claim that an infallible church needs to “guide to the meaning of Scripture." The Protestant Church has no such right, and it is this lack of authority that must lead to its disintegration.
“The Protestant liberal Church defends and encourages the ordination of women, divorce, abortion, the mass scale distribution of contraceptive pills and contributes to glorify homosexuality (including the ordination of homosexuals). When the Church resembles a minimalistic shopping mall, the female priest wears jeans, defends abortion and the mass scale distribution of contraceptive pills, defends the Jihad against the Israelis and lives a sexually active life; then what is the point? We must go back to our Catholic roots."
They also claim that the “Reformed and Evangelical Protestant churches are missing out on an essential part, the fullness and richness of high church liturgy. […] Many new Protestant churches lack the Aesthetic divinity and dignity a church should have. Many of these churches resemble minimalistic shopping malls, some even look like bomb shelters." One might think that the Terror Knights would be altogether happy with the current culture of Catholic Rome. This is not so:
“Today’s European Church leaders (both Catholic and Protestant) are mostly internationalists/multiculturalists and socially and theologically on the left (obviously Protestants more so than Catholics). They are more concerned with the welfare of Jihadists, the so called Palestinians in particular then the persecuted Christians around the world. They ignore persecuted Christian minorities in the Middle East and in Africa.
The future European Church must focus less on proletarian consciousness and should adapt more of the Calvinistic views relating to national and local industriousness (with the exception of globalist capitalism). Christian leftism is ultimately based on a mistaken theological premise: that God has a ‘preferential love for the poor.’ Scripture, however, informs us that God is no respecter of persons. As such, true Christianity refuses to romanticize either wealth or poverty (Prov. 30:8-9)."
As any religious organization, the Terror Knights pick and choose from the scriptural stock of verses. The book The Great Leap-Fraud – Social Economics of Religious Terrorism lays out in detail how the Torah is in the service of industriousness while the Apocrypha and the Gospel nurtre a refusal to partake in the Roman economy as a means to bring down their hated rulers. This social rejection is self-inflicted poverty in a terrible display of hatred against mankind. It has led to millions of deaths in perpetual humanitarian disasters. For Christians of the Terror Knights, it boils down to this: “You can’t serve both God and Money" (Matthew 6:24). It may be noted that entertainment (laughter) and proper nutrition (being full) was also a target of the Christian faith.
“It is easier for a camel to go through a needle’s eye than for a rich man to enter into the Kingdom of God" (Mark 10:25). The Gospels condemn money altogether. There can be no doubt as to the negative impact that Christianity would have on the development of a nation’s prosperity and spirit to progress if religion would again be strong enough to control cultural and ethical norms of societies. As history shows, such a philosophy proved disastrous. It brought forth the rejection of anything that had made the Roman society successful. Moreover, the Gospel talks of economic collectivism and poverty by choice: “All who believed were together, and had all things in common. They sold their possessions and goods, and distributed them to all, according as anyone had need" (Acts 1:44). Only an adaptation of the doctrines to modern secular realities has led to the Western belief that Christianity is neutral toward prosperity or even positive. However, the Terror Knights aim at resolving the paradox of Catholic tradition combined with the “national" pursuit of prosperity by simply denying its core doctrines. At the same time, they would keep the hand of the church out of science and technology.
The promise of the Terror Knights is that the pope would be the ultimate Knight of Christendom, given that he would be a “just" and conservative crusader pope. As the Catholic Pope would chose Christian unity over diversity, they think that he could appeal to the masses. The ultimate Knight of Christendom is envisioned as the religious, cultural, and moral authority for all Christians. “We need Christian leaders who are willing to call for defensive Crusades [‘defensive’ is whatever the church says it is] if any of our Christian brothers are threatened by Jihad in the future." With all this, the Terror Knights imagine to keep Europe predominantly secular, avoiding a theocracy. How exactly that separation of authorities would work is left open. “The Church will once again be allowed to do what it was intended to do; to propagate and maintain cultural unity through pre-defined rituals and celebrations." For a terror organization that aims at all-out religious war, Inquisition, torture, sectarian bloodshed, genocide, racism, etc. seems to be an acceptable price to pay. As in the good old times of intellectual happiness during the Middle Age, children are set to be brought up with the “correct" doctrines, and government policies are meant to return to propagating cultural conservative policies. The route through the hearts of the children who do not know any better will prove particularly fruitful in bringing forth a new generation of fundamentalists.
The Terror Knights are determined to not only wage a crusade against Islam but also to bring civil war to Europe until the “multiculturalist regimes" of Western Europe capitulate. “They will be unwilling to surrender, as we are unwilling to surrender. Europe will burn once more and rivers from the blood of patriots, tyrants and traitors will flow through the streets. However, a new European cultural renaissance will be born from the ashes." Moreover, they are willing to bring war to the Middle East. They are rushing to help Israel in “deporting all Muslim Syrians" (the Palestinians) from the Gaza strip, the West bank and Jerusalem, the latter coming under Christian-Jewish joint administration. Certainly, the Ultra-Orthodox Jews will have something to say against that objective. Yet, they would probably embrace the Terror Knights’ idea to rebuild the Third Temple, destroying the al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock in its wake.
Waking from the dormant threat of Christian fundamentalism in Norway, the motifs of the Terror Knights are based on religion, not on insanity. It would be all to convenient to declare any religious atrocity as acts of insanity. The Christian hatred toward mosque construction projects in America or the annual clashes of Catholics and Protestants in Ireland speak volumes about the dangers and powers of religious delusions. The ideas of the Terror Knights were sparked by disenchantment from the Protestant Church (and by political paralyzation) and fueled by the beliefs fostered in the Judaic Scriptures. Their role models are the Medieval Knights Templar?Christian crusaders.
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A.J. Deus
Author of The Great Leap-Fraud
Social Economics of Religious Terrorism (2011)
July 27, 2011

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