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Reviews - The Great Leap-Fraud, Volume I  

Goodreads Review, Michael 
This book was impressive in the depth of knowledge displayed by the author. A great deal of time and energy was obviously dedicated to researching and writing this book and I am looking forward to the release of Volume II.

Hopefully Mr. Deus will continue his passion to write and address difficult or normally taboo subjects and challenge conventional thinking. The emergence of a new author with superb critical thinking skills is a welcome addition to the literary world.
Goodreads Review, Omar Nineveh
If one is asked to summarize this book, I would say that A. J. Deus is probably the Aristarchus of the twenty first century; this book is a major challenge to the commonly accepted wisdom of the time, it contains revolutionary ideas and thoughts which could shake the whole foundation of the history and reality of religion.
It is fair to say that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, but the author has collected huge amount of material which could indeed support such a radical position, and thus this book is ideal for any person who feels that there is something wrong about our knowledge of the past and present.
Regardless to how much one could agree or disagree with this radical view, but going through the pages of this book would take the reader into a very informative and fascinating journey, which would vastly expand knowledge and wisdom.
Personally, I do agree with most (If not all) of what is presented here.

It is my considered opinion that all the Sam Harrises, Richard Dawkins and Daniel Dennetts in the world could not have made a more profound statement about why ridding the world of organized religion must remain postmodern man's most urgent task than the case made here by this author. more ... 
A worthy consideration for any student of religion, Midwest Book Review
Ignorance is the greatest threat to the world today. "The Great Leap-Fraud: Social Economics of Religious Terrorism" is the first volume of a series from A. J. Deus, as he discusses how ignorance allows extremism and terrorism to flourish throughout the world's many faiths. Stating that the use of faith for evil goals is done by all three of the Abrahamic faiths and the power of culture, he provides a diagnosis that doesn't lay the blame on a single faith, yet instead all of the above. "The Great Leap-Fraud" is a worthy consideration for any student of religion.
Deus does a fantastic job in his arguments where he makes a connection with modern times, which then unveils the foundation of the Israel-Palestine conflict, step-by-step, as though it is something natural that occurs daily. It is the first tiem that I began to understand the position of the Muslim World. The Torah has an eternal death list, and the Palestinians are first on it. It seems obvious that Israel presents a danger to humanity that needs to be addressed by organizing a neutral zone or by moving an entire nation away from the evident potential death zone. Yet, both adversaries play a cat and mouse game of religious terrorism that occurs in today's world. more ...
Very good book. I enjoyed the new look at history this book provides. No more fraud and lies promoted by the "Religious authorities" A.J. let the facts fall where they may, and the truth is revealed. This book is for those of us who have an open mind. I am left wondering what we would have become without all the fraud so elequently displayed here? Looking forward to volume 2.
Goodreads Review, Malory
A blistering work; Deus masterfully penetrates the spoiled history of Israel, conducting a polemic informed by historical analysis and Deus' own frequent brilliance. The narrative hardly strays off-course, which, considering the sheer density of content, is something very remarkable. As Deus illuminates whole geographies of fraud, deceit, misinformation, and folly, vectoring from the forgivable to the outrageous, one will find his senses offended, repeatedly. The author's complex investigations into the tumultuous history of the Promised Land reveal a deep understanding of the political and economic impressions which line the foundation of the ongoing strife in the Middle East. The book's passion is at times constructed into, and privy to, a subtle, reflective lambast, yet given the aims of the book, one is hardly surprised. Deus affords much of his subject to the Old Testament, where cases of pettiness, usury, and undigested contradiction shine rampant. These allusions form a great contextual portrait, perhaps ministering to the rhetoric of the work accurately more than the spirit of its ground-source. The social consequences of the Jewish statehood, to this reviewer, have hitherto never been offered more incisively to the public. Arguing position-by-position with the ferocity of Nietzsche (most egregiously in the writing of the Antichristian), the wit of Schopenhauer, Deus' entry-work is a magnum blast to the stasis of the Western world.
Although I really took my time with book, reading it periodically over the span of several months, it was not due to any lack of interest. This book was, in fact, extremely interesting to me. Bursting at the seems with historical information, I particularly enjoyed all of the direct quotes from historical documents and the very thorough use of footnotes by the author. more ...
A Different Way to View the History of Three Major Religions (raterd)
Sometimes you have to go into the past to understand why we are where we are right now. This book is truly a rare find and frankly, I've never read anything else like it. I have an economic and political understanding. But this book goes right to the heart of the real problem. more ... 
Goodreads Review, Jan Zabel
Excellent read. Should be required reading (in my opinion)in Colleges. I kept thinking, wow, this would get the dialogue going in a class. I would think it would be every Professors dream to get a classes adrenaline going, this book would do it. I kept thinking, (as I read), great point,this would make a good classroom debate! Very well written. I can not imagine the time and the research the Author had to do, to come to his conclusions. This is an eye opener book. A reader might not agree with the Authors conclusions, which makes it all the more interesting. more ...

Goodreads Review, Debbie
This book invites the reader to think, and is not a page turner in the same spirit as a non-educational book. Informative, well-explained and all theories are backed up with precise excerpts from the book in question. more ...



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