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Breivik: Religious Terror Knights initiating anti-Muslim counter Reformation

A.J. Deus, July 26, 2011
Talking about Breivik makes Breivik a winner. The chatter inevitably spreads his message of hatred: anti-U.N., anti-E.U., anti-globalization, anti-internationalism, anti-multiculturalism, anti-Muslim, pro-Christian but counter-Reformist, and pro-Jewish. The intellectual foundation of the Christian Breivik terror cell is the Bible, his heroes are the Medieval Knights Templar of the crusades (after which this terror organization is named), and his enemies are all, who dare to welcome Muslims, the Koran, or Sharia law into the West.
The goal of the Terror Knights in Oslo was to launch a propaganda machinery with the greatest possible media impact. Its distributive success is astonishing. The Achilles Heel of the propaganda is that it spans 1500 pages of anti-Muslim and anti-everything ranting from various authors, including American sources, that are hard to digest, even for the accustomed reader. However, right-wing organizations and religious extremists of all colors, in particular Christian anti-Muslims and white supremacists will welcome an instruction manual that serves as a guide from building terrorist cells, cooking explosives, stitching body armor, to evading possible detection.
Catholics and Ultra-Orthodox Jews (will) appear to condemn the attacks. In their hearts, the horror is for others to weep over. The Terror Knights’ organization calls for a unified European Church under Catholic doctrines and popes as well as the annexation of the Palestinian territories by Israel. It is an unusual twist of a religious terror cell to recognize the possible power that a unified Christianity in Europe could harbor in order to pursue just about any religious agenda.
The Terror Knights’ organization has three primary functions;
  1. To act as a pan-European Crusader Movement for the banishment of Islam from Europe
  2. To act as an Indigenous Rights Movement; to serve the interest of the European ethnic groups and to destroy cultural Marxism/multiculturalism (leftist Marxism is viewed by the Knights Templar as the dominant political stream in Europe)
  3. To act as a War Crimes Tribunal
The general idea of the Christian Knights Templar is to provoke the Muslim communities in the West to take more extreme positions and be drawn into violence. They hope for counter-attacks against Christians in Muslim countries. Their reasoning is that a European concept of multiculturalism invites Muslims to eroding the cultural fabric of Christian Europe, which, the authors of 2083-A European Declaration of Independence claims, “is the very definition of tyranny." The authors believe that “Europe should strive for: A cultural conservative approach where monoculturalism, moral, the nuclear family, a free market, support for Israel and our Christian cousins of the east, law and order and Christendom itself must be central aspects (unlike now). Islam must be re-classified as a political ideology and the Quran and the Hadith banned as the genocidal political tools they are.“ In their pursuit, the Terror Kinghts call not only for the banning of the parallel Sharia laws but for the deportation of Muslims from Europe and other Christian territories.
In a repeat of historic religious atrocities, the authors propose a radical assimilation policy for Muslims in Europe:
  • Forced baptism
  • Forced church attendance
  • Forced name change to Christian names
  • Banning of Arabic or other Muslim mother tongues (Farsi, Urdu, Somali, etc.)
  • Demolishing or converting of all mosques and Islamic centers
  • Demolishing or modifying of all Islamic/Arab-style buildings/artwork
  • Banning of Islamic celebrations
  • Measures against demographic warfare (limit of birth rates for Muslims)
  • Prohibition of correspondence with alien Muslims
  • Prohibition of travels to Muslim territories
It is a provocation of an all-out clash of civilizations through anti-immigration terrorism. In order to achieve that, the Christian Knights Templar promote a deliberate radicalization with “virtues such as the willingness to martyr oneself for the cause, the exercise of discretion, voluntary poverty and devoted obedience" to their principles. By doing so, the Terror Knights seem to overlook that they deploy nothing less than the same mechanisms of hatred that are built into Islam. By deploying a system of martyrdom, as invented in the book of Maccabees, young Christian terrorists will be seen with explosives wrapped around their bellies. Terrorist organizations are much cheaper to run and could be as effective as an army. The difference is that the Terror Knights utilize the intellectual framework of the Christian Bible for the justification of violence?not the Koran.
As laid out in The Great Leap-Fraud – Social Economics of Religious Terrorism, Jews, Christians, and Muslims adapt their creeds to the opportunities of a given socio-political environment. When expedient, the Judaic Scriptures serve as a model for peace. When the intent is ruling through dividing, bringing governments down through passive aggression, launching crusades or jihad, the Torah, the Hebrew Bible, the Gospel, and the Koran lend the fodder to stir the necessary policies of hatred. Despite the decade-long propaganda effort, Christians know that Islam’s history is not so peaceful. Likewise, Muslims know that the Christian past is everything but offering the left cheek when the right is struck. Both know that the Jewish history is prototypical for two millennia of genocide, terrorism, racism, treachery, etc. in the name of a better cause: the redemption of Israel for the Chosen People. Each of them individually refuses to acknowledge that their own creed is no better than the others?social rejection and terror.
Tomorrow, we will look more closely into the intellectual framework of the Christian Terror Knights.
A.J. Deus
Author of The Great Leap-Fraud
Social Economics of Religious Terrorism (2011)
July 26, 2011

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